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Spray Jet Brass Fire Fighting Hose Nozzle



Size:1.5 Inch Material:Brass Type:Jet Spray


Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

This is a nozzle suit to connect with fire hydrant hose / rack hose. It is a device used to supply water, provided with a adaptor for connection to spray a dense, full stream of water.


2.Product Parameter

Material Brass Size
  1.5 inch
Max working pressure 100 psi
Flow rate 80 GPM
Discharge pattern Capable of complete shutoff, straight stream or any degree of conical fog


3. Product Feature

Made of solid brass. Its robustness and ergonomic design makes it highly manoeuvrable by extreme impact resistance. The passage from closed to full jet or vaporized and is regulated by the rotation of the neck at the front.

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